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Enter a Competition

Jim Boyle's Ex Racehorse Dressage Competition - May 2017

Entries for these classes close on 31 May 2017
  • Ex-racehorses class

    Sponsored by Jim Boyle's Ex-Racehorses

    Entries Close : 31 May 2017

    Highest overall percentage of all three tests wins.

    Eligibility - raced or unraced, put into training with British Racing; horses raced in UK, Ireland and N. Ireland automatically eligible. Competition series to run February to November 2017; horse and rider with most points wins Championship. 

    E-mail with horse name, breeding details and date of birth to check eligibility.

    £17.50, £15.50, £13.50
    Rosettes to 6th place

    Entry fee £13.50

    British Dressage Logo

    Introductory C (2016)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    20m circles in trot, transition to medium walk, 10m circles, give and retake inside rein, three loop serpentine, free walk on a long rein

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    British Dressage Logo

    Preliminary 14 (2006)

    (Revised 2016)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Movements include 20 metre trot circles, medium walk, 10 metre half circles in walk, 20 metre canter circles, halt from trot

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    British Dressage Logo

    Novice 37 (2007)

    Arena 20m x 60m

    Movements include working trot circles 10 metre diameter, some medium trot strides, rein back, working canter circles 20 metre diameter, give and retake the rein, counter canter, some medium canter strides, medium walk, walk on a long rein.

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