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Enter a Competition

School Games League

Entries for these classes close on 30 September 2017
You must be a registered School Games rider to enter any of these classes. If you are not registered then any entries added to your basket will be removed once you log in.
  • School Games Competition

    Entries Close : 30 September 2017

    New for 2017! Inter-school competition for years 3 to 13.

    Choose from BD Prelim 7, The Pony Club Walk and Trot Dressage 2013 or RDA Introduction to Dressage Test 3. Highest percentage of the three tests wins.

    £14, £12, £10 Dressage Anywhere Voucher
    Rosettes to 6th place

    Entry fee £10.00

    British Dressage Logo

    Preliminary 7 (2002)

    (Revised 2016)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Movements include halt from trot, trot circles 20m and transitions to canter on circle, working canter round arena, medium walk, walk on a long rein, trot may be ridden sitting or rising.

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    Riding for the Disabled Association Logo

    Introduction to Dressage Test 3 (walk and trot with or without a leader) (2016)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Medium walk 20m circles, 10m half circles, free walk, optional trot. Download the test here:

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    Pony Club Logo

    Walk and Trot Dressage (2013)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Includes halts from walk, medium and free walk, working trot 20m circles. Download the test here:

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