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Gift Guide

Dressage Anywhere Gift Guide

A selection of gift ideas from our sponsors and selected equestrian businesses.
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Dressage Anywhere Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for any rider. Select a value between £10 and £100 and choose whether to e-mail the recipient directly with a unique code or print and send yourself.


A perfect gift, with the new CEECOACH™ 2-6 participants can communicate over a distance of up to 500 meters without a radio or mobile phone network using modern Bluetooth® technology. Whether you are training or just out on a hack the CEECOACH makes communicating a lot easier and clearer.

Sound Schooling

Affordable and inspirational audio downloads from top trainers, including 21 ridden lessons from Prelim to Medium level, plus 4 non-ridden downloads and music by Tom Hunt. Designed to be listened to on your MP3 player whilst you ride, our audio lessons can help if you've ever found it difficult to think up ideas for your schooling sessions. From £5.49


Aloeride not only helps to promote healthy skin, condition hooves, encourage great coat shine and glossy locks, but also supports the immune system as well – another key factor to consider over the winter months. This Christmas banish your horse’s winter woes with a ‘wow’ by feeding Aloeride! RRP: £55.20 per carton (month’s supply) with discounts available on multi-purchases.


NAF Lavender Wash contains essential lavender oils to leave your horses coat fresh and clean. NAF Warming Wash contains ginger and clary sage to lift sweat and dirt. Easy to use and kind to your horses’ skin there’s no soap, detergents or thickening agents and there’s no need to rinse! £7.99 each

Soloshot 3

No cameraman? No problem. Film yourself from the perspective of the spectator, without the help from another person. Get 5% off with code DA17. From £564.99

Trickle Net

The Trickle Net is a high quality robust and practical feeding net which we believe to be the best available solution to encourage the trickle feeding rhythm and reduce the forage intake of your horse. From £32.99, use the code DAFB5 for 5% discount

Just Equine

Kentucky Horsewear Leather Turnout Brushing Boots incorporate a tough, hardwearing 100% waterproof leather fabric with a luxurious faux sheepskin lining and EVA protective inner. Get 10% off all Just Equine products with the code Dressage Anywhere


Complementing our Rainbow Gloss Collection perfectly these stunning browbands really catch the light. Handmade in the UK from the finest English Leather. Available in Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full in Black and Havana Leather. £37.00

Leroy & Bongo

Organise your horsey life beautifully with Leroy & Bongo Dressage Folders and Planners. From £10.00