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Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2017

Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2017

See how you and your friends are doing in the top 30 placings in this years rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2017 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in British Dressage and FEI competitions run from January to December 2017. Rosettes will be awarded up to 10th place.

Sponsor to be confirmed soon! Keep an eye on our news for the announcement.

Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

Indicated placings below are provisional and subject to change.

Placing Rider Horse Country Points
1st Monica Kinnunen Rhodonia Finland 51
2nd Yasmine Chaffer Zelda's Perfection United Kingdom 43
3rd Zak Croft Monterey United Kingdom 32
4th Michelle Lightowler Leader Du Val United Kingdom 23
5th Emilie Rogers Misty United Kingdom 19
6th Kelly Gill Supertedd United Kingdom 17
7th Hazel Carter Fidget Pie United Kingdom 13
8th Ruth Elisabeth Vareberg Vertigo Norway 12
8th Mel Hunter Taffechan Royal George United Kingdom 12
10th Sharon Cooknell Mortello United Kingdom 11
10th Sara-Louise Wood Swedish Sailor United Kingdom 11
10th Grace Peverall Bambi United Kingdom 11
13th Katie Bailey William United Kingdom 10
13th Anita Smith Douglas United Kingdom 10
13th Kirsty Vaughan Sovereign Blue Water United Kingdom 10
16th kirsty chappell Whitehawk Dun A Deal SL United Kingdom 9
16th Lucy Robertson Puzzle Rock United Kingdom 9
16th Angela Burns Archie United Kingdom 9
16th Karen Scott Magic Milly United Kingdom 9
20th Katie Bailey Tigger United Kingdom 8
20th Karen Jackson Carrig Prince United Kingdom 8
20th Gemma Avery Mountaintowne Wild Fire United Kingdom 8
20th Fiona Burns Lo King of May United Kingdom 8
20th Linda Nesvåg Rebell af Pan Norway 8
20th Val Seger-Bernard Jigsaw United Kingdom 8
26th Nicole Stack Alfie United Kingdom 7
26th Emma Hawkins Luna United Kingdom 7
26th Cassilda Courtier-Dutton Flicka in Clover United Kingdom 7
26th Joanne Warden Lannisters Pride Podrick Payne United Kingdom 7
26th Katie Naylor Veebeedee United Kingdom 7

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