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Team Challenge Scoreboard

Team Challenge Scoreboard

Who will be triumphant? Check how your team is doing in the Team Challenge.

The winner of the 2017 Dressage Anywhere Team Challenge will be the team with the highest score in the competitions between January and December 2017.

We're looking forward to announcing the sponsor for the 2017 Team Challenge soon so watch this space!

Indicated placings below for 2017 are provisional and subject to change.

2017 Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Team Lutsi 27
2nd Broad Town School 21
2nd Team Wood Cottage 21
4th Berkshire Riding Centre 20
5th Team Westfield 16
6th Appin All Stars 15
7th Gryffeside Gems 11
8th Equispirit Equestrians 8
9th Summit Ridge 7
10th KWR Dressage Team 6
11th Whitney Farm Livery 5
12th Team LSF 3
12th Stag lodge ladies 3
12th Sandro Hero Dressage 3

2016 Team Challenge

Placing Team Score
1st Lateral Thinking 33
2nd Team Westfield 25
2nd Team Lutsi 25
4th KWR Dressage Team 24
5th Desert Everywhere - EEC 23
6th KICS Riding School 20
6th Team Sparhanger 20
8th Berkshire Riding Centre 18
9th Broad Town School 17
10th Summit Ridge 13
11th Team Brookhouse 12
12th Thurleigh Equestrian Club 11
12th Gryffeside Gems 11
14th slough farm 10
15th Briars Bridleways 9
15th God's Gift Stables 9
17th Mosside Misfits 8
18th Twin Palms Riding Centre Bahrain 7
19th Stag lodge ladies 6
20th Appin All Stars 5
21th Trent Park London Riding Club 3