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Enter a Competition

Veteran Horse April 2018 Competition

Entries for these classes close on 30 April 2018
  • Veteran Horse Class

    Entries Close : 30 April 2018

    Due to popular demand we're delighted to host a regular veterans class for horses aged 15 or over. The highest percentage of the two tests wins. Choose between Intro A and Prelim 18 - the highest percentage in the class wins. 

    In order to be eligible to compete, please forward a photograph or scan of your horse's passport to (you don't need to do this if you have previously competed in this class and sent a copy of your horse's passport).

    Make sure you read the Rules before filming your test.

    Upload your video by 23.59 on 30 April. 

    £18, £16, £14
    Rosettes to 6th place

    Entry fee £14.00

    British Dressage Logo

    Introductory A (2008)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Movements include working trot 20m diameter circles, 10m half circles, medium walk, free walk on a long rein, halt from walk.

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    British Dressage Logo

    Preliminary 18 (2002)

    (Revised 2016)

    Arena 20m x 40m

    Half 20 metre circles in trot, three loop serpentines, 20 metre circles in canter, free walk, halt from trot.

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