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Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2016

Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2016

See how everyone did in the 2016 rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2016 Champion was the rider and horse combination who gained the most points in British Dressage and FEI competitions run from January to December 2016. Rosettes were awarded to 10th place.

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Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

Placing Rider Horse Country Points
1st Gemma Avery Mountaintowne Wild Fire United Kingdom 133
2nd Tinky Morris Snow United Kingdom 98
3rd Christine Baxter Orion's Quest United Kingdom 78
4th Rich Neale Wee Tom United Kingdom 57
5th Helen Asker Rilleke United Kingdom 56
6th Hazel Curtis Ziggy Stardust United Kingdom 49
7th Sara-Louise Wood Swedish Sailor United Kingdom 44
8th Helen Grant Across The Road United Kingdom 37
9th Lisa Newport Mister Nibbles United Kingdom 36
10th Beverley Anthony Mossland Poppy United Kingdom 35
11th Jackie Sutherland Bibertels United Kingdom 30
12th Becca Marshall Polish World United Kingdom 29
12th Peter Elliott Gerry United Kingdom 29
14th Ruth Elisabeth Vareberg Vertigo Norway 28
15th Katie Madeley Spider United Kingdom 27
16th CATHERINE PEACOCK Pyrus United Kingdom 26
16th Fiona Stephenson Garryduff Golden Falcon United Kingdom 26
16th Georgina Ball Calypso United Kingdom 26
19th David Hancock Safia Sudan 25
20th Sarah Wood Remarkable Rocket United Kingdom 23
21th Karen Scott Magic Milly United Kingdom 22
21th Grace Peverall Bambi United Kingdom 22
23th Jacqui Adkin Wild Rose De Tamerville United Kingdom 21
24th Emma Hayes Lissandro United Kingdom 20
24th Ruth Elisabeth Vareberg Rebell af Pan Norway 20
24th Monica Kinnunen Rhodonia Finland 20
27th Andrea Walsh boy United Kingdom 19
28th Jill Ellis Safia Sudan 18
29th Erika Deakin Warrengate Irish Affair United Kingdom 17
29th Caroline Anne Ratcliffe Al United Kingdom 17
29th Collette Mcardle Patrick United Kingdom 17
29th Joanne Hickford Biscuit Boy United Kingdom 17
29th Lisa Morris Walt United Kingdom 17
29th Lisa Wood North Astor Dave United Kingdom 17

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