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Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2018

Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2018

See how everyone did in the 2018 rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2018 Champion was the rider and horse combination who gained the most points in British Dressage and FEI competitions run from January to December 2018. Rosettes were awarded to 10th place.

Our 2018 Rider League winner bagged a prize bundle from some of our favourite equestrian and country brands. Find out more here.

Placing Rider Horse From Points
1st Vicky Shaw Debevans Dexter United Kingdom 130
2nd Cecilie Vatne Heartbreaker Valentino Norway 86
3rd Angela Roberts Cappagh United Kingdom 74
4th Tizzie Jarvis Princess Cayman Islands 71
5th Tracey Surrey Dusty Cayman Islands 67
6th Lily Time 2 Tango United Kingdom 48
7th Nina John Colin United Kingdom 47
8th Karen Scott Magic Milly United Kingdom 43
9th Tizzie Jarvis Lilly Cayman Islands 42
10th Juliette Forrester Lord Montleroy Cayman Islands 40
11th Mel Hunter Taffechan Royal George United Kingdom 39
12th Samantha Bowden After Dark VII United Kingdom 34
12th Tracy West tilly United Kingdom 34
14th Jardae Austin Cayman Islands 33
15th Mary Broadfoot Danny Boy United Kingdom 32
15th Rhiannon Dwane Got the Life Australia 32
17th Peter Elliott Close Protection United Kingdom 29
17th Jane Ridsdale Bella United Kingdom 29
19th Fiona Baker Keeralee Bandit Bob Australia 28
19th Sharon Cooknell Sun Delight United Kingdom 28
21th Micky Nijboer Amani Qatar 27
21th Natasja Stellingwerff Willem Netherlands 27
21th Lucy Golding Bloss United Kingdom 27
24th Tate Connolly Cuddington Manhattan United Kingdom 26
25th Luana Welmoed fan 't Súd Netherlands 25
25th Hugh Norris Geno United Kingdom 25
25th Gill Bradley Periswood Arcadia United Kingdom 25
25th Diane Lowes Miss Moon Boots United Kingdom 25
25th Anne Grethe Soma Mys Tingeling Norway 25
30th Christine Baxter Orion's Quest United Kingdom 24

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