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Setting up a grass arena

  • Posted: 14 April 2011

Dressage Anywhere logoOne of the great things about Dressage Anyhwere is you don't need an indoor or outdoor arena to ride your test, you can set up a grass arena on any flat piece of land or field.

Our judges have passed on some comments to help you maximise your marks whatever your set up at home or at the yard. 

  1. If the letters or markers are on the very edge of the track they can make you push the horse away from them and so create a lack of or wrong bend, i.e. to the outside. If possible position a board or pole on the edge of the track and the marker up to three metres away from the pole. Don't forget that by having markers close to the track there is a danger that the horse might catch a leg or hoof on one of them and cause injury. 
  2. It helps the rider to be able to see the corners of the arena so think about defining your corners with two jump poles.
  3. If there is a dark or shaded section of the arena it can be difficult for the judge to see everything, so think about your horse wearing white boots or bandages if you have them to help.

See our guide on How to set up an arena for more hints and tips.