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RDA 2019 Champions!

  • Posted: 4 July 2019

MedalsThe RDA Online Dressage Championships are over for another year! Congratulations to everyone who qualified and took part.

Between August 2018 and March 2019 riders from across the country competed monthly to qualify for the sixth RDA Online Dressage Championships. The Online Championship Show took place during May with a record number of RDA Groups and riders taking part! We were absolutely delighted to have the Championship classes judged by Sarah Leitch, Jane Mcgarel-Groves, Kim Ratcliffe and Pat Watts.

2019 Champions

Placing   Rider   Score   RDA Group
Walk Only
1st   Shera   71.11%   South Bucks RDA
2nd   Tia Truman   70.28%   Wakefield RDA
3rd   Simone Benzieke   69.17%   Epsom RDA
4th   Felicity   68.61%   Epsom RDA
5th   Bryony Moss   68.06%   South Bucks RDA
Intellectual Disability Walk and Trot
1st   Ben   73.00%   Wilton RDA
2nd   Tyriq Dolphy   68.50%   Epsom RDA
3rd   Cathy   66.25%   Mid Cheshire RDA
Intellectual Disability Canter
1st   Mary Leigh   68.95%   Mid Cheshire RDA
2nd   Jon Sullivan   65.79%   Epsom RDA
3rd   Matthew Sullivan   62.37%   Epsom RDA
Grade 1
1st   Darren Ashton   70.29%    
2nd   Elan   68.82%   Ynys Mon RDA Anglesey Group
3rd   Angela Pick   68.53%   Stafford RDA
Grade 2
1st   Jodie Gunton   73.68%   Stevenage & District RDA
2nd   Susan Hannah   67.37%   Stevenage & District RDA
3rd   Sandra Brown   66.32%   Barrow Farm RDA
Grade 3
1st   Oliver Peace   67.35%   High Hopes RDA
2nd   Billy Smith   66.76%   Wakefield RDA
3rd   Natasha Wait   66.47%   South Bucks RDA
Grade 4
1st    Oliver Peace    71.50%    High Hopes RDA
2nd    Georgina Maton    70.25%    Penniwells RDA
3rd    Holly Rayment    64.25%    Barrow Farm RDA
Grade 5
1st    Judith Taylor    58.40%    Gaddesden Place RDA Centre
1st    Clare Jolly    67.19%   Ynys Mon RDA Anglesey Group 
2nd    Lesley Sayers    65.31%    Ride2Achieve
3rd    Kerri Rockey    61.56%    Ynys Mon RDA Anglesey Group

See the scoreboard for full results.

Medal Ceremony

All medal winners will be invited to receive their medals and rosettes at the RDA National Championships, due to be held at Hartpury, Gloucestershire in the main prize giving on Saturday 13 July. We'll be at Hartpury from Friday 12 July to Saturday 13 July, so come and say hello! If you're new to Dressage Anywhere, come and pick up one of our Getting Started Packs and find out more.

During July we are running a special RDA class as part of our regular monthly competition and we hope to see you again for the next RDA Online Dressage Championships, due to start in August 2019. We're also running a new BD Para-Equestrian monthly competition,which is open to all graded riders!

Keep your eye on the schedule for more details and get in touch if you'd like to know more.

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