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Born the Shine on the Centre Line: Marijke

  • Posted: 19 July 2019

Horse and rider in an arenaThe next star of our Born to Shine on the Centre Line feature is Marijke Stienstra from Fryslan in The Netherlands. Marijke is a member of the Qatar Fryslan Dressage team and winner of the 2018 Team Challenge. Read on to find out more about her and her lovely horses.  

How did you get into horses? And what age were you?

I can't even remember. I've always ridden since I was a little girl.

Tell us a bit more about your horse

Gys van Dubbelland is a 17 year old black Frisian horse.

Where did you find each other and how long have you been a partnership?

I got Gys as a birthday present and since then he never left. That’s already 14 years ago! I’ve trained him all by myself and also tried to compete with him. It turned out to be not very successful because he got too stressed being transported to competitions.

Have you got any interesting or funny stories about your horse?

He is a very good jumper when the grass looks better on the other side of his fence ;) Although he’s not such a good jumper when I put some up in the arena.

What level do you compete at?

Because of his age and because I haven’t trained him for a few years I first entered Veteran Horse Intro. And it turned out to be that riding the test at home resulted in good scores. So now we compete in the regular Intro class and even entered a regular Prelim test!

How do you prepare for a dressage test? Any top tips?

Check the wheater forecast! To avoid the rain spoiling your almost perfect dressage test.

What horsey product or item could you not live without and why?

At this moment it’s the PIXIO PIXEM we won last year with our team Qatar Fryslan Dressage. Because our team is spread over the world we share the Pixem together and at this moment it's in the Netherlands. Now I never have to arrange someone to film my test. So I can do my test all by myself. Very handy with a busy work schedule, training horses and being Mum to our five year old daughter.

What are you goals for the future? What do you want to achieve in 2019?

I hope Gys and I will be able to compete at Novice level at some point in 2019. And of course we hope to win the Team Challenge as well in 2019! Also a nice score in the rider league with Gys and my other horse Trynke in 2019 would be great :)

'If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.'

Albert Einstein

What's your biggest challenge?

Staying focused during the test.

What's your biggest achievement to date?

To compete in the regular Prelim class with Gys is more than I expected!

How did you first hear about Dressage Anywhere?

Our team captain and team mates recommended it. Then I first joined in September 2018 with Trynke, and after a few months I decided to also give it a try with Gys. And it turned out to be a perfect way to compete with Gys.

What's your favourite thing about Dressage Anywhere?

That I’m able to compete with a horse which I won't compete at a live competition any more. Due to his struggle with transport and new environments it’s not fun for both of us to compete. Now we can stay at home and ride the test in his own safe environment. Happy horse and happy rider! I also love the team challenge! It's very cool to join together as a team and try to collect as many points as possible

What would you say to someone just getting started in dressage?

Always try to improve. 'If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.' Albert Einstein

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