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Announcing Our BD Online Champions!

  • Posted: 3 December 2019

BD Online Dressage Championship rosettesThe BD Online Championships are over for another year!

Riders from across the UK qualified with three scores of 60% or above and took part in the Online Championship Show in November. Have a look at the full results on the scoreboard.

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part!

We absolutely love being able to offer you all a Championship run in collaboration with British Dressage, giving so many riders the opportunity to take part without leaving their yard. Championship rosettes are already winging their way to you and prizes will come direct from British Dressage.

Read What Our Judges Had to Say

Andrea Smith, BD LIst 1 judge, said of the Preliminary class, 'There were some really smart Prelims this month. Accurate test riding, keeping a good rhythm and tempo and showing a pleasing harmony between horse and rider.'

Judith Harris, BD List 1 judge, commented that the Introductory championship class combinations 'rode accurate tests, which was good to see and mostly the centre lines were very straight'. And she added some top tips too:

'Areas for improvement involve the scales required at this level: rhythm, suppleness and contact. Rhythm is the regularity of the steps and tempo is  the speed of the rhythm. Try and be consistent with these two aspects of the paces. Suppleness over the back requires the horse to be more relaxed and not tensing the neck and coming above or below the bit, but maintaining the same frame throughout the test. Contact needs to be consistent, not restrictive or too loose, the horse accepting the bit quietly and without tension. Good luck and have fun achieving the above!'

Our Novice Championship Class judge, Helen Bradley, also a BD List 1 judge said, 'the standard of riding improves each year. In this test the canter/trot/canter transitions on the diagonal line caused a few balance issues which need more practise. As a group the tests were generally ridden accurately and fluently'.

BD List 1 judge, Debby Lush, judged our Elementary Championship Class. She said, 'this was a pleasing class to judge, with quiet and harmonious riding, and plenty of correct training on display. The main thing that could have raised marks further would be better riding of transitions - more preparation from the riders (especially downwards transitions) and more prompt responses from the horses in upward transitions.'

Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
Introductory Restricted
1st   Vicky Boyden   Disney   70.43%
2nd   Charlotte Irwin   Winster   69.13%
3rd   Fiona Burns   Lo King of May   68.91%
4th   Rowan Moore   Bowland Eternity   68.04%
5th   Kelly Pope   Granstown Lady   68.04%
6th   Leah Dunwoody   Cwmesgair Lowri   67.61%
Introductory Open
1st   Lily Hopkins   Time 2 Tango   73.48%
2nd   Emma Stevens   Just River   65.65%
Introductory Juniors
1st   Lucy   Rancher   64.78%
2nd   Elly    Just Sponge Bob   61.52%
3rd   Orla   Roheryn Racey Lacey   61.30%
Preliminary Restricted
1st   Catherine Ellis   Jazz   75.93%
2nd   Vicky Boyden   Disney   72.59%
3rd   Kim Carey   Flash   71.88%
4th   Julie Jones   Tonto   68.52%
5th   Karen Steele   Lymebrooks Masters Boy   67.59%
6th   Angela Colleran   Belshaw Treefella   67.22%
Preliminary Open
1st   Diane Lowes   Miss Moon Boots   73.52%
2nd   Lily Hopkins   Time 2 Tango   70.93%
3rd   Sarah Chamley   Royal Alexis   66.11%
4th   Lyne Jacobs   Crannagh Optimist   65.93%
Preliminary Juniors
1st   Amelia   Pall Malls Most Wanted   73.33%
2nd   Eva Rose   Welham Sinatra   61.11%
Novice Restricted
1st   Bridget Foster-Uprichard   Rubin   72.88%
2nd   Grace Moran   Dancing Leprechaun   68.08%
3rd   Asheligh   Belle Isle Tonto   67.50%
4th   Angela Roberts   Cappagh   66.92%
5th   Rebecca Holt   Jack Te Higgins   66.15%
6th   Faye Hancock   Edward Hart of Petwick   65.00%
Novice Open
1st   Christine Baxter   Orion's Quest   70.58%
2nd   Vicky Shaw   Debevans Dexter   70.00%
3rd   Charlotte Crouchman   Time To Go   61.92%
=1st   Christine Baxter   Orion's Quest   68.75%
=1st   Tracey Rose   Dusty   68.75%
Helen Grant   Across The Road   67.81%
Claire Duffin   Prince Maurice   67.19%
5th   Annie O'Meara   Valentino   67.03%
6th   Angela Felstead   Denzil   66.72%
1st   Tea K. Witchalls   Mr. Lou-Bi-Light   68.06%
2nd   Catherine Ellis   Maurice The Minor   65.48%
3rd   Helen Grant   Across The Road   64.84%
4th   Tina Berridge   Westoak R Molly   61.29%
Advanced Medium
1st   Tea K. Witchalls   Mr. Lou-Bi-Light   66.50%

If you placed in the BD Online Associated Championships, we'd love to hear from you. Complete this form telling us all about you and your horse and send us a photo!