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BHS Platinum League 2018

BHS Platinum League 2018

See how you and your friends are doing in the top 30 placings in this years BHS Platinum league.

The BHS Platinum League 2018 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points while a current BHS member in Dressage Anywhere online competitions that include British Dressage tests run from 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018. Rosettes will be awarded up to 10th place.

Sponsor to be announced... check back soon!

Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

Indicated placings below are provisional and subject to change.

Placing Rider Horse Country Points
1st Samantha Bowden After Dark VII United Kingdom 9
2nd Mary Broadfoot Danny Boy United Kingdom 8
3rd Michelle South Kim’s Calico Nicely Dun United Kingdom 6
3rd Tracey Surrey Dusty Cayman Islands 6
5th Sharon Cooknell Sun Delight United Kingdom 5
5th Karen Scott Magic Milly United Kingdom 5
7th Jessica kent Ardlea Classic One United Kingdom 4
7th AliceViolet Lady Milford United Kingdom 4
7th Amy Shadrake Pauldary’s Kelisha United Kingdom 4
10th Keily Townsend Blue United Kingdom 3
10th Rhiannon Dwane Got the Life Australia 3
10th Michelle Brindle Jasper United Kingdom 3
10th Michelle Restall Romario United Kingdom 3
14th Kelly Lessel Woodland Jasper United Kingdom 2
14th Candice Skevington Al Martino United Kingdom 2
14th Charlene Hanson Northern ambition United Kingdom 2
14th Emily Lemon QQ Deseado United Kingdom 2
14th Hollie Hitter 144260 Tycant Afon Brenhines United Kingdom 2
14th Susan Mitchell Indian Sundance United Kingdom 2
20th AliceViolet Fairlands Ysabelle United Kingdom 1
20th Victoria Painter Lady T United Kingdom 1
20th Victoria Spira Talyn United Kingdom 1
20th Virginia Draper Diamanté Del Rey United Kingdom 1
20th Jane Baker Silver Grainne United Kingdom 1
20th Emily Lemon Fairby Surprise United Kingdom 1
20th Carol Barnes Hades United Kingdom 1
20th Joanne Causer Blue Cross Todd United Kingdom 1