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Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2019

Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2019

See how you and your friends are doing in the top 30 placings in this years rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Rider League 2019 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in Dressage Anywhere online competitions that include British Dressage tests run from January to December 2019. Rosettes will be awarded up to 10th place.

Sponsor to be announced... check back soon!

Go to the Leagues page for more information on scoring.

Indicated placings below are provisional and subject to change.

Placing Rider Horse From Points
1st Juliette Forrester Lord Montleroy Cayman Islands 80
2nd Iris Amani Qatar 70
3rd Marijke Stienstra Trynke Hinke Netherlands 65
4th Cecilie Vatne Heartbreaker Valentino Norway 57
5th Marijke Stienstra Gys van Dubbelland Netherlands 48
6th Grace Moran Dancing Leprechaun United Kingdom 47
7th Gjilke Durksz Welmoed fan 't Súd Netherlands 40
7th Lily Time 2 Tango United Kingdom 40
9th Luana Welmoed fan 't Súd Netherlands 37
10th Rachael Murray Heymoor Braveheart United Kingdom 32
11th Jodie Kira United Kingdom 30
12th Rachael Murray Magnificent Mabel United Kingdom 28
13th Kim Sleath Bobby United Kingdom 27
13th Melody It’s a Secret Cayman Islands 27
15th Jardae Austin Cayman Islands 25
16th Lyne Jacobs Crannagh optimist United Kingdom 23
16th Philippa Muir Falco United Kingdom 23
16th Tracey Surrey Dusty Cayman Islands 23
19th Megan Lilly Cayman Islands 22
20th Micky Nijboer Amani Qatar 21
20th Diane Muncaster Billy United Kingdom 21
20th Emma Stevens Just River United Kingdom 21
23th Susann Karolin Hinrichs Dasha Daraya Germany 20
24th Georgina Mr Franklin United Kingdom 19
24th Helen Grant Across The Road United Kingdom 19
26th Bridget Foster-Uprichard Rubin United Kingdom 18
26th Mohammed Al Marri Gin Tonic Qatar 18
26th Rose Clarke Casper United Kingdom 18
29th Luana Willem Netherlands 17
29th Christine Baxter Orion's Quest United Kingdom 17

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