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Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2018

Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2018

See how you and your friends are doing in the top 30 placings in this years ex-racehorse rider league.

The Dressage Anywhere Ex-Racehorse Rider League 2018 Champion will be the rider and horse combination who have gained the most points in ex-racehorse competitions run from March to November 2018.

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Points are awarded in the monthly Jim Boyle’s Ex-Racehorses class as per 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points and so on to 10th place = 1 point.

Indicated placings below are provisional and subject to change.

Placing Rider Horse Country Points
1st Lesley Keen Ivy Trump United Kingdom 83
2nd Sara-Louise Wood Swedish Sailor United Kingdom 48
3rd Sarah Earl Leith Hill United Kingdom 38
4th Beverley Spence Dee Flawless Boy United Kingdom 36
5th Claire Leavy Greatballsoffire United Kingdom 35
6th Danielle Bailey Fix It Right United Kingdom 26
7th Melissa Boyes Beautiful Storm United Kingdom 19
8th Kelly Lessel Desert Wells United Kingdom 17
9th Ellie Hodgkinson Alpha Native United Kingdom 12
10th Emily Denton By The Light United Kingdom 10
10th Clare Poole Definightly United Kingdom 10
10th Charlotte Flaherty Baltimore Bullet United Kingdom 10
10th Charlotte More My Gigi United Kingdom 10
10th Pauline Richardson Brasil de Lune France 10
10th Vivienne Barclay Lennox Gardens United Kingdom 10
16th Clare Poole Nabatean United Kingdom 9
16th felicity barnes kuilsriver United Kingdom 9
18th Alison Scull Smugglers' Run United Kingdom 8
18th Beth Williams Norman the Great United Kingdom 8
20th Tina Anderson-Dixon Willaby Lad United Kingdom 7
21th Olivia Kimber Snow Conditions United Kingdom 6
22th Naomi Evans Unneccesary Xpense United Kingdom 4
22th Louisa Allen To the victor United Kingdom 4
24th Charlotte Murrell Midsummer bay United Kingdom 3

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