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Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson's Picture

Fiona Wilson

British Dressage List 1

BD List 1 Judge, Judge Educator, BHSI stage 5 performance coach, Young Rider European team silver medalist, PTTLS level 3 training & education. Read more…

About Fiona

I am Catherston trained with Jennie Loriston-Clarke and started my dressage career with the late Sarah Whitmore with many fabulous opportunities given to me. I am passionate about the sport of dressage particularly in both the training and judging aspects. By becoming a judge I feel that I can contribute towards correct training and also give something back through my judging.

Three things you may not know about Fiona

  1. I have been fortunate to work in the horse industry since I was 16
  2. I am a bell ringer and really enjoy ringing quarter peals and ringing in different churches
  3. I love dogs and have 7🐶

Top dressage tip

Know and understand the order of the Scales of Training and the Scales of Marks and always keep theses priorities in your mind whilst riding and training the movements. Stay focused and positive.