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Angela Tucker

Angela Tucker's Picture

Angela Tucker

British Dressage List 2

BD List 2 judge, British Eventing Master Coach and member of the World Class Coaching Squad for the Development of Riders. Read more...

About Angela

Angela has competed and been placed at Burghley and Badminton on several occasions, including at the European Championships. Now a BD List 2 judge, Angela has been President of the Ground Jury at the World Championships at Aachen and a member at the Athens Olympics. She has officiated at all the Four-Star Events: Badminton, Burghley, Adelaide Pau and Lexington. For the last few years Angela has been training the Japanese riders in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. They won a silver medal last year’s Asian Games.

Three things you may not know about Angela

  1. Led the dressage twice at Badminton on two different horses and then messed up the cross-country!
  2. Was proposed to at Burghley.
  3. Competed at the All England Sports in Hurdles.

Top dressage tip

Learn to ride corners.