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Debby Lush

Debby Lush's Picture

Debby Lush

British Dressage List 1

BD List 1 judge, Grand Prix rider and trainer of all levels from West Sussex. Read more...

About Debby

Born near Hickstead, Sussex, Debby has trained for nearly 30 years with the former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School, Arthur Kottas. Author of two books: ‘The Building Blocks of Training’ and ‘The Successful Dressage Competitor’, Debby has competed nationally at Grand Prix and internationally at Small Tour level, with many successes at regionals and nationals particularly in Freestyle. Debby is passionate about judging as a means of providing riders with positive feedback to guide their training and future competing.

Three things you may not know about Debby

  1. By night (and when it’s raining), Debby morphs into fantasy author Deborah Jay.
  2. Is a qualified life guard.
  3. Allegedly can’t cook. Eating, however, is not a problem…

Top dressage tip

Preparation, preparation, preparation – always let your horse know what’s coming next BEFORE you get there.