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Pat Watts

Pat Watts's Picture

Pat Watts

British Dressage List 2

BD List 2 judge based in Little Sandhurst, judging all levels. Read more...

About Pat

Born in Cheshire, as a child Pat was a happy holiday hacker. When her daughter was 4 years old she became friends with a Dutch lady who was a dressage rider. They rode together and when she returned to the Netherlands, Pat continued to train at Wellington Riding and enjoyed riding the wonderful schoolmasters there. She bought a 4-year-old who she kept there and had the marvellous combination of training a young horse whilst still riding the FEI movements on schoolmasters. As a trainee judge Pat went directly to List 5 in 1999 and reached List 2 in 2006.

Three things you may not know about Pat

  1. Has a music degree which comes in handy for judging the Kur. Plays the piano, clarinet, violin and occasionally bagpipes.
  2. Has an HGV licence and the codename ‘Pitstop Patsy’!
  3. ‘Speaks’ Makaton fluently from her days as a Special Need Teacher

Top dressage tip

Breathe and smile.