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Mary-Anne Horn

Mary-Anne Horn's Picture

Mary-Anne Horn

British Dressage List 1

BD List 1 judge, experienced trainer and coach, UKCC accredited level 3 dressage coach, specialist in dressage to music. Read more...

About Mary-Anne

Mary-Anne Horn is a British Dressage List 1 judge and experienced dressage trainer and coach. UKCC Accredited level 3 dressage coach and specialist in dressage to music. Mary-Anne rias her own successful livery and training yard for 20 years. Bred and competed her own dressage horses and has been a judge for 30 years. She assists Emile Faurie with his Foundation which funds disadvantaged children living in inner cities and poor areas of the UK to have riding lessons and contact with horses.

Three things you may not know about Mary-Anne

  1. I was a tennis champion at school
  2. I love giraffes
  3. I was a hippy back in the day

Top dressage tip

Keep trying to develop your knowledge and understanding of training