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Sue Petty

Sue Petty's Picture

Sue Petty

British Dressage List 1

BD List 1 judge and rider from Somerset, with previous experience in competing in Horse Trials and Endurance. Read more...

About Sue

Born in Harrow, Middlesex, Suzanne rode at a riding school until she was 14 when she got her own pony. She trained for her B.H.S.A.I. at Crabbet Park and has since gained further BHS Exams. She was part of the winning RC Team of three competitions at various shows including Wembley RIHS and has competed a number of horses up to Advanced level. Suzanne has been a BD judge since 1982, becoming a List 1 judge in 2004 and is a Chief Assessor for BHS Exams.

Three things you may not know about Sue

  1. Suzanne was part of a Heelwork To Music Display team with her rescue lurcher, appearing at Crufts from 2012–2014.
  2. Had a goat called “Sophie” and milked her twice a day every day for about 10 years.
  3. Doesn’t like cooking and is proud of the fact that she has never cooked a Christmas dinner!

Top dressage tip

Take the opportunity to write for a judge – then you will appreciate everyone has the same problems.