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Chrissie Havis

Chrissie Havis's Picture

Chrissie Havis

British Dressage List 2

BD List 2 judge, UKCC level 3 coach, BHS accredited professional judge, riding at Inter 1

About Chrissie

Chrissie started judging unaffiliated shows at just 16 years old! Now a BD List 2 judge, UKCC level 3 coach and BHS accredited professional coach, Chrissie also rides at Inter 1 level. Chrissie likes seeing the improvement in a partnership, being able to make a difference and be encouraging.

Three things you may not know about Chrissie

  1. Chrissie was Northern RDO for British Dressage for nearly 5 years.
  2. Previously lived and trained in Germany, providing a great foundation for her dressage understanding.
  3. A company director of a commercial vehicle business - something non-horsey!

Top dressage tip

Get the basics right, use your corners and show fluency. Try to enjoy it!