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Sally Andrews

Sally Andrews's Picture

Sally Andrews

BD List 2 judge

BD List 2 judge ridden at small tour.

About Sally

I've been a dressage judge for many years, working up the list, and I like to think I have a great empathy with riders I have ridden myself at small tour, my daughter was on world class and I was her home trainer for about 5 years. Initially, I worked in an acute psychiatric hospital and later studied as a sports psychologist and life trainer. I don't mind whomsoever I coach as long as they have a desire to improve. I became a dressage judge because the horse I was eventing could not be ridden in traffic, and I became bored riding him in circles in the school! I started to enjoy dressage and eventually it became my passion As a dressage judge, I hope I can be fair, deliver sound advice as to how to progress on the dressage front.

Three things you may not know about Sally

  1. A successful, published novelist
  2. I do a lot of sports psychology clinics
  3. I love my husband, my home and all that encompasses!