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Sara-Jane Lanning

Sara-Jane Lanning's Picture

Sara-Jane Lanning

BD List 1 judge

BD List 1 judge, Grand Prix rider and trainer to all levels. Read more...

About Sara-Jane

Sara-Jane Lanning is a BD List 1 judge, Grand Prix rider and trainer to all levels. Freestyle to music is her speciality. Sara-Jane started from a showing and eventing background but got the 'dressage bug' when a young event horse found learning lateral work and changes easy. She has trained and competed many horses up the levels and has won 25 Regional Championships and six National titles including Freestyle and Combined Training Championships. She has trained with lots of trainers over the years and says she spend her life learning whilst watching, judging, writing and competing at dressage shows around the country. An illness in 2005 which prevented Sara from riding meant she started her BD judges exams, going straight to List 4. After progressing up the levels Sara upgraded to List 1 in 2018.

Three things you may not know about Sara-Jane

  1. A keen amatuer photographer
  2. Currently self-building a house
  3. Loves plaiting and turnout, a leftover from the showing background

Top dressage tip

Really know the test and watch, watch and watch some more!