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Riding School League

Now riding schools can take advantage of the competitions at and invite their clients to compete internationally for prizes and rosettes. A new riding school league will run between 1 September 2010 and 31 March 2011 with the opportunity to win even more fantastic prizes.

  1. Create your riding school account
    • Send an email to, providing the name of your riding school, the name of the administrator (or person who will own the account) and address.
    • You will receive details of a special riding school account.
  2. Add members to your riding school
    • Invite all your clients to register for free at and ask them to provide you with the e-mail address they use to log into the website (this is so we can link their riding school entries with your account).
    • Once they have registered their own details you will need to login and add your clients to your account. To do this select the My Dressage Anywhere menu and click Edit Riding School.
    • From here click the Add button and insert the e-mail addresses of your clients (one per line).
  3. Enter competitions
    • You can enter your clients into competitions and pay for their test entries online (ensure you tick the checkbox Is this a riding school entry?).
    • OR
    • Your clients can enter and pay for test entries online (ask them to tick the checkbox Is this a riding school entry?).
  4. Upload videos
    • Ride and video the tests and then either you or your client can upload their video.
    • You and your clients can download and print score sheets from your My Dressage Anywhere page once tests are judged.
    • Points are awarded to each client who enters and for placed entries as follows.
    • Placing Points
      1st 6 points
      2nd 5 points
      3rd 4 points
      4th 3 points
      5th 2 points
      6th 1 point
      For each entry 1 point
    • Check the main scoreboard for overall class placings.
    • Check the new Riding School Scoreboard for Riding School results.
    • The riding school with the highest number of points wins the league!


The Riding School league rules are as per the Dressage Anywhere rules at: and in addition:

  1. Horses and ponies can be ridden by more than rider.
  2. Only horses and ponies that are used by the riding school can be entered. Owner riders should be entered in our Team Challenge: