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UAE 2015 online dressage champions announced

  • Posted: 3 June 2015

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Congratulations to our 2015 UAE Online Dressage Champions!

These Championships were hosted by Dressage Anywhere and sponsored by Equestrian Solutions. Riders got together to ride and film tests at their own yards and entered our May competition classes. Entries were judged by top British and FEI judges alongside competitors from the UK and other countries. Demonstrating the growth of dressage in the UAE, many Dubai riders were placed overall and the highest at each level became the new UAE Champions.

Champion     Antonio Murach and Cormano 65.87%     Emirates Equestrian Centre
Reserve     Amy Kibby and Cloe Dazzler 65.43%     EEC
Best Junior     Amy Kibby and Cloe Dazzler         
Special     Mohammed Bujasaim and Emerald 59.78%     EEC
Champion     Isabell Altenkaemper-Jahn and Elando 76.40%     EEC
Reserve     Amanda Savory and LouBeLou 74.62%     Desert Palm Polo and Equestrian Centre
Best Junior     Ben Kibby and Cloe Dazzler 65.27%     EEC
Champion     Liisa Kirkwood and Pabe 75.21%     EEC
Reserve     Vicky Duke and Rubinstein Encore 71.46%     Desert Palm
Champion     Tracy Wyngard Gill and Evita 69.50%     EEC
Reserve     Denise Vertigen and Kipling 68.67%     EEC
Champion     Sarah Khairallah and Crackerjack 67.93%     EEC
Reserve     Julie Arnup and Sweet Clementine 67.00%     EEC
Best Junior     Sarah Khairallah        
Advanced Medium
Champion     Amanda Brewer and Vitorioso 69.12%     Dubai Polo and Equestrian Centre
Prix St Georges
Champion     Diana Breeze and Belissimo Vita 63.16%     Reem Alabbar Stables