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The Pony Club 2015 Champions!

  • Posted: 6 November 2015


We're so excited to announce the winners of The Pony Club Online Dressage Championships 2015. Riders with qualifying scores were invited to take part in the second online championship show during September and October.

British Dressage List 1 judge, Junior and Young Rider team selector, Leanne Wall judged our championship entries and said, 'I had great pleasure in judging the Pony Club Championships. This is a brilliant opportunity for some Young Riders who are unable to attend conventional shows to be judged by a listed British Dressage Judge against other Young Riders across the world. 


'I was impressed by the emphasis that the Pony Club training structure is clearly placing on high standards and, importantly, the scales of training, as well as the development of a correct secure riding position and depth of seat. 

'The winner of the Pony Club C test, Gracie Tyte had a lovely partnership with Danny Boy. Her consistency and focus on maintaining the rhythm and suppleness was clear to see, earning her those vital few extra marks!'


Laura Armstrong of The Pony Club said a special congratulations to everyone who took part, 'Well done toeveryone who took part and congratulations to those that got through to the Championships. We think that the online Championships are a great way for Pony Club Members to have a go at competing, or to practise the tests and get helpful feedback from BD listed judges. We hope more and more Members, Branches and Centres will get involved.'

Placed riders will receive rosettes along with gold, silver and bronze medals for 1st to 3rd placings in each class. Plus the winners of each class win centre membership or gift vouchers for branch members.

D Level
1st   Molly Secker   Rosie   68.46%   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
2nd   Lara Foster   Ernie   68.08%   Swang PC Pony Club
=3rd   Tichy Sanders   Fuzzy   66.15%   Team Sparhanger
=3rd   Honey Reeve
66.15%   Mill House Pony Club Centre
5th   Ebony Joyce   Ellie   65.00%   Mill House Pony Club Centre
6th   Isla Bennie   Bachen   65.00%   Swang PC Pony Club
=7th   Abi Marsh   Ricky   63.85%   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
=7th   Alice Lee   Marley   63.85%   Swang PC Pony Club
9th   Angela Macaven   Chief   63.46%   Team Vale Dressage Squad
10th   Emma Wilson   Scooby   63.46&   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
11th   Hollie Chandler   Dennis   62.69%   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
12th   Holly Foster   Smartie   62.31%   Swang PC Pony Club
Chloe Chandler   Pearl   61.54%   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
14th   Tjay Wilson   Captain Jack Sarrow   55.77%   Team Vale Dressage Squad
15th   Lucy Hargreaves   Shoni   48.46%   Team Vale Dressage Squad


C Level
1st   Gracie Tyte   Danny Boy   73.00%   Essex and Suffolk Hunt Pony Club
2nd   Lydia Thomas   Laddie   69.00%   Garth South Pony Club
3rd   Victoria Robinson   Tidesbrook Oliver Twist   66.33%   Southview Equestrian Centre
4th   Charlotte Wilson   Scooby   65.67%   Tumpy Green Equestrian Centre
=5th   Sophie Mullens   The Longhouse Vanilla   63.67%   Llangeinor Pony Club
Lily Meakin   Ellie   63.67%   Mill House Pony Club Centre


1st   Oliva Maclaren   Rikki   65.00%   Ingliston Equestrian Centre
2nd   Lydia Thomas   Laddie   62.80%   Garth South Pony Club
3rd   Amy Deacon   Clutton   62.60%   Mill House Pony Club Centre


1st   Amy Deacon   Clutton   62.93%   Mill House Pony Club Centre