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October judges

  • Posted: 16 October 2010

Our October judging panel.

Class Test Judge
1 British Dressage Introductory Liz West
2 British Dressage Preliminary Nereide Goodman
3 British Dressage Novice Maureen Newall
4 British Dressage Novice - Fantastic Elastic Reins Class Liz West
5 British Dressage Elementary Nereide Goodman
6 British Dressage Medium Maureen Newall
7 British Dressage Advanced Medium To be announced
8 FEI Prix St. Georges To be announced
9 British Dressage Practice Tests British Dressage tests will be judged by a list 1 judge
10 British Eventing Practice Tests
11 FEI Para Practice Tests FEI tests will be judged by a British Dressage list 1 or FEI judge
12 FEI Under 21 Practice Tests
13 FEI Seniors Practice Tests
14 FEI Eventing Practice Tests

Judges for the competitions may have to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances but of course not once a class has started. The practice class judges may change depending on their outside judging commitments.