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Performance with fluid-ity!

  • Posted: 31 August 2016

AloerideAs temperatures rise and the competition season heats up, most riders are aware of the importance of keeping their horse hydrated. Of course allowing your horse to drink at liberty is imperative but beyond that, what else can you do?

Alongside its own electrolytes, aloe vera can help promote better absorption from a nutritional angle, allowing greater uptake of electrolytes in your feed and assisting the body under stress, resulting in improved recovery and superior performance.

Aloeride is an easy to administer alternative to feeding liquid aloe vera and is available in one-a-day sachets. Aloeride is taste-free, has a long shelf life, requires no refrigeration and with 30 sachets (1 month's worth) containing a whopping 12 litres of aloe vera juice - you can be reassured that your horse or pony is getting the best each and every day.

RRP: £55.20 per carton (Month's supply) with discounts available on multi-purchases.