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The Pony Club Champions announced!

  • Posted: 10 November 2016

The Pony Club sponsorsThe champions of the third Pony Club Online Dressage Championships have been announced!

The standard was very high this year, with some wonderful horse and rider combinations. Congratulations to everyone who took part and look out for the 2017 qualifiers due to start very soon!

Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
Walk and trot
1st   Jessie Brown
Stag Lodge Stables
  Fortune   73.67%
2nd   George Winnard
KICS Riding School
  Mocha   69.33%
3rd   Ruby Mastoras
Mill Riding Centre Pony Club 
  Rio   68.00%
4th    Ruby Mastoras
Mill Riding Centre Pony Club 
  Clanmill Botticelli Beau   67.67%


Lucy Quinlan-Marshall
Ryburn Valley

  Polly   67.00%
6th   Elodie Place   Trefynys Miss MoneyPenny   60.67%
1st   Eliza Alex
South Wold North PC 
  Brynamman Dewi Santess   68.20%
2nd   Rebecca Flowers
South Wold North PC 
  Arthur   64.00%
3rd   Jemima Fussell   Princess   61.00%
1st   Esmee Alex
South Wold North PC 
  Derha Dollar   63.39%
2nd   Jemma Smith
South Wold North PC 
  Ardfry Prada   60.00%

Each 1st to 3rd placed rider will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal, plus a selection of fab NAF products to pamper their ponies and keep them extra shiny.

The champion from each class will receive an invite to Team Hayler's yard to meet International dressage rider Bobby Hayler and her wonderful horses. Now riding at Grand Prix level, Bobby grew up in the Hursley Hambledon Hunt branch of The Pony Club where her love of dressage began.

Thank you to The Pony Club, NAF and Team Hayler for their support in running this fab Championships.