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Introducing Restricted and Open sections

  • Posted: 2 January 2017

InfographicWe listened to your feedback about fairness of our competitions and have introduced restricted and open sections to Introductory, Preliminary and Novice competition classes from January 2017.

This means that riders in the restricted sections will compete against similar riders and more experienced riders will compete in the open sections.

Horse and rider combinations who have achieved the following will be automatically entered into the open section:


  • Five scores of 70% and above at Introductory level
  • Five scores of 68% and above at Preliminary level
  • Five scores of 66% and above at Novice level


You don't need to do anything, as soon as you achieve the results above, your entries will be automatically entered in the open section.

We'll shortly be e-mailing those riders who have automatically moved to the open sections to let them know.

Rosettes will be awarded per section; prizes will be awarded overall.

For more information have a look at our updated rules page.