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2017 The Pony Club Qualified Riders

  • Posted: 27 September 2017

The Pony Club LogoPony Club groups and centres across the country have been taking part in monthly classes to qualify for The Pony Club Online Dressage Championship Show 2017.

Invitations to all qualified riders have now been sent - see the list below! The Championship Show is open for entries. Entries must be made and videos uploaded by 31 October.

Remember, you need to be a member of a Pony Club Centre or Branch to take part in the Championship Show, so if your branch name isn't displayed below please let us know and we'll update our information.

The Pony Club rules apply:

  • Commanders may be used expect for Novice and Intermediate classes 
  • Gloves must be worn 
  • Whips may be carried during the test 
  • No grackle nosebands or martingales, ordiinary nosebands only are permitted 
  • Riders may ride a different horse to the one they qualified with if circumstances have changed.

Qualified riders

Rider   Horse   Group/Centre   Level
Brandon   Shadow   Please confirm   Walk and Trot
Charli   Shadow   Please confirm   Walk and Trot
Lottie   Andromeder   Please confirm   Walk and Trot
Evie-Mae   Midsummer Solstice   North Staffordshire Branch of Pony Club   Walk and Trot
Zara   Murray Mint   Northern Riding Centre   Walk and Trot
Amber   Lynsar Rhian   Please confirm   Walk and Trot
Ruby   Rio   Please confirm   Walk and Trot
Devon   Button   Wellington Pony Club   Introductory
Rieley   Tobias   Wellington Pony Club   Introductory
Sofie   Bold   Wellington Pony Club   Introductory
Zara   Artic Poppy   Northern Riding Centre   Introductory
Beatrice   Shadow   Shrivenham Defence Academy Saddle Club   Introductory
Amy   Apache   Wellington Pony Club   Novice
Ava   Shelly   Wellington Pony Club   Novice
Emma   Spice   Wellington Pony Club   Novice
Gracie   Muckrim Storm   Please confirm   Intermediate
Jessica   Cafe Sans Lait D   Please confirm   Open