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Join the JoyRide!

  • Posted: 7 November 2017

Confident Rider logo

We caught up with Jane from Confident Rider, our Elementary Championship class sponsor to find out more about her membership programme, JoyRide.

Confident Rider gives riders the mental skills they need to ride with confidence, and the mental fitness to be focussed, on form and in the zone for competition. Jane Pike, an experienced and qualified Equestrian Mental Skills Coach, works with both professional and recreational riders giving them the skills and strategy they need to ride with confidence and produce the results they dream of for their riding.

One to one coaching is available as well as carefully constructed courses to help achieve specific goals.

JoyRide is the Confident Rider membership program that takes you through a comprehensive process to give you the skills you need to develop mental strength and effectively manage your mindset in the saddle. It's all about confidence and how you can get some! Material is delivered to you via weekly video and audio tutorials and action plans that are easy to slot into your day-to-day life and will, hand on heart, revolutionise your riding life. Plus, you get access to the exclusive JoyRide Facebook community and live weekly trainings where you can ask questions, get feedback and be supported by Jane Pike, an experienced Equestrian Mental Skills Coach, and your fellow JoyRiders over the course of your journey. You can check it out on the Confident Rider website.