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Announcing Our 2017 British Dressage Champions!

  • Posted: 7 December 2017

Five Championship rosettesThe results are in and we're delighted to announce our 2017 British Dressage Online Champions! 

Between May and September over 130 riders achieved two qualifying scores and an additional 40 riders were awarded wildcards to take part in the BD Online Championship Show. The competition wasn't limited to the UK, with competitors taking part from the USA, Finland, South Africa, Cyprus, Estonia, Spain, Norway, Portugal and France. 

See the Scoreboard for full results.

Place   Rider   Horse   Country   Score
Hippo Showers Introductory
1st   Nicky Clitheroe   What About Natterjack   UK   73.48%
2nd   Martin Gibb   George   UK   73.04%
3rd   Lucy Hassall   Barntop Jamie   UK   72.83%
Lofthouse Equestrian Preliminary
1st   Monica Kinnunen   Rhodonia   Finland   76.03%
2nd   Emma Hayes   Lissandro   UK   74.42%
3rd   Anita Smith   Douglas   UK   72.31%
Laura Fiddaman Photography Novice
1st   Helen Grant   Across The Road   UK   73.75%
2nd   Annie O'Meara   Valentino   UK   73.33%
3rd   Hayley Burson   Bywell Beau   UK   71.46%
Confident Rider Elementary
1st   Ellen Eatough   D'Monte Carlo   UK   69.11%
2nd   Tinky Morris   Snow   UK   67.86%
3rd   Maz Ray   Eppic   UK   66.96%
The Herbal Horse Medium
1st   Clare Goldie   Furst Fandango   UK   64.31%
2nd   Debbie Hillary   Daimiers   UK   61.55%
3rd   Robin Haysom   Callaho Waikiki   South Africa   61.32%

Huge thank you to our sponsors who provided the most gorgeous rosettes and support for the Championships:

Hippo Showers
Lofthouse Equestrian
Laura Fiddaman Photography
Confident Rider
The Herbal Horse.