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Christmas Fancy Dress Winners!

  • Posted: 5 January 2018

Christmas fancy dressOur judges were so impressed with your Christmas fancy dress outfits and we're delighted that all horses and ponies behaved themselves! We had Father Christmas himself, a Christmas turkey and A LOT of tinsel! A special prize goes to Joshua from Broad Town School for braving the most dreadful weather conditions - the judge specifically asked for a prize for his perseverance. 

Here are the prize winners from each class:

1st    Rhona Galway
2nd    Caroline Burrow
3rd    Chloe Mcmutrie
1st    Pamela Davis
2nd    Laura Fiddaman
1st    Monica Kinnunen
2nd    Kristel Norris
3rd    Sharon Cooknell
1st    Kirsteen Colquhoun
2nd    Hayley Burson
3rd    Conchita Bravo


Michelle Bates

Veteran Horses
1st    Beth Holmes
2nd    Elizabeth Brown
1st    Vanessa
2nd   Billy Smith