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BD Online Associated Champions 2018!

  • Posted: 30 November 2018

BD Online Associated Championship rosettes

And that's a wrap! 

The BD Online Associated Championships are over for another year. Riders from across the UK and overseas qualified with three scores of 60% or above and took part in the Online Championship Show in November. 

Have a look at the full results on the scoreboard

Congratulations to everyone who took part! We love being able to offer you all a Championship run in collaboration with British Dressage, giving so many riders the opportunity to take part without leaving their yard.

Championship rosettes will be winging their way to you and prizes will come direct from British Dressage. Each placed rider will also receive a Dressage Anywhere badge and discount voucher!

Placing   Rider   Horse   Country   Score
Introductory Restricted
1st Hugh Norris Geno UK 71.96%
2nd Diane Lowes Miss Moon Boots UK 70.87%
3rd Kelly Brooks WG Jackpot UK 70.00%
4th Carol Barnes Hades UK 69.57%
5th Charlotte Irwin Winster UK 69.35%
6th Charlene Hanson Northern Ambition UK 68.91%
Introductory Open
1st Vicky Shaw Debevans Dexter UK 74.57%
2nd Rhiannon Dwane Got the Life Australia 62.17%
Preliminary Restricted
1st Faye Hancock Edward Hart of Petwick UK 68.65%
2nd Elly Hierons Fasquez UK 67.88%
3rd Amy Shadrake Pauldary's Kelisha UK 67.12%
4th Kirsty Klopper SalsaChilli South Africa 66.35%
5th Karen Chapman Boysie UK 65.96%
6th Sylvia Morgan King Blakeny UK 65.38%
Preliminary Open
1st Angela Roberts Cappagh UK 74.23%
=2nd Vicky Shaw Debevans Dexter UK 71.92%
=2nd Nina John Colin UK 71.92%
4th Karen Scott Magic Milly UK 65.77%
5th Fiona Baker Keeralee Bandit Bob Australia 65.43%
Novice Restricted
1st Sharon Cooknell Sun Delight UK 66.30%
2nd Catherine Blackmore Luta Ska UK 63.15%
3rd Kelly Lessel Woodland Jasper UK 62.17%
Novice Open
1st Charlotte Crouchman Time to Go UK 66.30%
1st Jessica Waldon Lusso Del Castegno Qatar 74.67%
2nd Helen Grant Accross The Road UK 67.17%
3rd Sharon Cooknell Sun Delight UK 65.33%
4th Catherine Blackmore Luta Ska UK 63.44%
5th Emily Lemon Fairby Surprise UK 61.00%
1st Natalie Champman Lewie UK 66.13%

Standby for more stories about our Champions! 

If you placed in the BD Online Associated Championships, we'd love to hear from you. Complete this form telling us all about you and your horse and send us a photo.