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Born to Shine on the Centre Line: Charlotte

  • Posted: 18 May 2019

Horse and rider trotting in arena

Charlotte Rose from Cambridge came 4th in April's Intro Juniors class with her lovely horse Dacia, scoring a fabulous 73.04%!

How did you get into horses? And what age were you?

My mum has always ridden and it started with me having equine therapy. I started riding about 18 months ago. 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I have a learning disability, ADHD and autism. I’m home educated. Horse riding really helps me with my disability. I often struggle with understanding what my coach is telling me but we get it and Dacia really works hard for me. I got bullied when I was at school and horses helped me as they're always my friends even if I’m in a bad mood they help me feel better. I’m confident with horse riding and around horses where before I wouldn't talk now I will about the animals. If I’m in a bad mood, angry or sad the horses don't care as long as I’m there to see them and that makes me happy.

I want to be a top dressage rider! My goal is to ride at Olympia and my idol is Carl Hester. 

Tell us a bit more about your horse

Dacia is a 14 year old Irish sports horse cross thoroughbred, bay mare.

Where did you find each other and how long have you been a partnership?

She was my Mum's horse and I've been riding her for two months.

What level do you compete at?

I ride at Intro/Prelim levels.

How do you prepare for a dressage test?

Dacia can be very lazy with her hindquarters so we spend time getting her moving forwards and loosening up.

What horsey product or item could you not live without and why?

I love my clothes from Aztec Diamond Equestrian as they look great and are comfortable.

What are you goals for the future? What do you want to achieve in 2019?

Compete more at Prelim and work to higher levels if possible. Also work with my other ponies on improving them.

What's your biggest challenge?

To keep my heels down!

What's your biggest achievement to date?

Getting 73.04% in a dressage test!

How did you first hear about Dressage Anywhere?

Someone recommended it on my Instagram.

What's your favourite thing about Dressage Anywhere?

I can’t always get to shows and it helps me know what I have to improve on.

What would you say to someone just getting started in dressage?

Get a caller so you don't have to worry about remembering everything and don't give up.

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