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Class 2 Grand Prix Closed!

  • Posted: 5 May 2020

Grand Prix update

As we bid farewell to Stephen Clarke, we're celebrating our Grand Prix participants!

We were so lucky to have Stephen judging the Grand Prix class - his comments and thoughts on each performance have kept us highly entertained. With many Cadbury's moments recorded, the placed riders certainly showed Belgian movements with hints of Swiss (those that know, know Wink).

Now, our scoreboard is linked to the closing dates of competitions, so the placings won't officially show until all classes have been closed and judged. But you can have a good look at all the entries here

Do not fear, a new Grand Prix class has opened which Isobel Wessels has very kindly agreed to judge, so get those entries in

Grand Prix Top 10 Placings

  Placing   Rider   Horse   Score
  1st   Sophia   Pebbles Don't Float   89.78%
  2nd   Richardo Baldwino   Mylegsdontgrow   88.91%
  3rd   Rose Hugh Smith   Woody Harrelson   86.30%
  4th   Stephanie Gaunt   Lucky Corn   84.57%
  5th   Juliette Forrester   Apollo's Little Treasure   81.52%
  6th   Lynsey Flowers   McCulloch's Legless   81.30%
  7th   Lara Edwards   Wooden Bodyguard   81.09%
  8th   Hannah James   Basil Brush   80.87%
Alice Oppenheimer
  10th   Caitlin   NHS Rainbow   80.65%

You've Earned Yourself a Badge!

Virtual online dressage rosette

We will be sending real rosettes once the competition has closed! But for now you can award yourself with one of our Virtual Rosettes on Facebook! Click here for instructions.

Here's a quick round-up of the top !0!