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So, Who Judges Your Online Dressage Tests?

  • Posted: 15 June 2020

Photos of online dressage judgesSo who actually judges your Dressage Anywhere tests?

Our team of judges are highly listed British Dressage judges who have gone through a rigorous education system. Many are trainers and riders who have worked through a certification programme involving further training and examinations to enable them to judge and/or to specialise in a specific areas such as para, RDA, eventing or young horses.

Working with mainly BD list 1 and 2 judges ensures the feedback you get on your downloaded scoresheet is of the highest standard. 

Find out more about our judges here including their top tips! 

Dressage Anywhere will use only BD listed judges, of or above the required standard for BD classes from Introductory to Advanced.

British Dressage Judges

Did you know that there are nearly 1600 British Dressage judges?

  • Judges starting on list 6 are qualified to judge BD Introductory and Preliminary tests as well as British Eventing Pre-Novice and Introductory classes. 
  • Those on list 5 are qualified to judge BD tests up to and including Novice also Novice and Open eventing tests. 
  • List 4 judges may judge BD tests up to and including Elementary as well as Open Intermediate, Intermediate and Intermediate Novice eventing tests. 
  • List 3, all BD tests up to and including Medium. Open Intermediate, Intermediate and Intermediate Novice eventing tests. 
  • List 3a, all BD tests up to and including Advanced Medium and all eventing tests. 
  • List 2, all BD tests up to and including Prix St. George. 
  • List 2a, all tests up to and including Intermediaire 1. 
  • List 1 is the highest national level and these highly experienced judges are qualified to judge any level including the highest level FEI test - the Grand Prix.

Judge Training

All BD judges fulfill set training and examination criteria in order to become listed. They are volunteers who can apply their knowledge and experience usually gained from riding and competing and training horses and riders. To achieve this they will attend judges courses, view training sessions, write for judges at a higher level than their own, practice judging and observe competitions before taking the appropriate examination.


To remain on the official British Dressage Judges Panel, judges are required to continue attending training sessions and seminars. To upgrade they need to demonstrate further experience and pass an examination paper and a practical testing day. To upgrade from List 6 to List 1 takes many years but it is a rewarding career!

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