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2020 Rider League WINNERS

  • Posted: 7 February 2021

Online Dressage Rider League rosettesCongratulations to our 2020 Rider League winners!

Rosettes are arriving to all placed riders and our winners will receive a goodie bag with their Champion rosettes and sashes.

For 2020 we crowned two winners! Lily Hopkins, winner of the Introductory-Novice league and Gjilke Durksz, winner of the Elementary-Advanced league.

Click here to see the full results.

What's inside the goodie bag?

Champion Rosette and Sash

Emily Cole Illustrations 2021 Calendar

Lickits Snacks

Rosette from Cathy's Chocolates

Personalised rosette hanger from The Medal Hanger Shop

Hiho voucher

We're making some changes to our Rider League for 2021, so check back for more details soon.

Online Dressage Rider League Prizes