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Our 2020 British Dressage Equetech Online Champions!

  • Posted: 8 February 2021

BD Equetech Online Championship Rosettes and SashThe postponed British Dressage Equetech Online Championship Show took place during January. Congratulations to everyone who was able to take part!

Riders qualified for the Onlline Championship Show during 2020 and rosettes and sashes are landing on doormats across the country!

Full results are available on the scoreboard, but in the meantime please join us in saying a very well done to our placed riders!

We're very much looking forward to launching the 2021 qualifiers, as soon as our lockdown restrictions have lifted and sport can resume.

Introductory Restricted

1st Gloria Cross & Annie (overall placing 1st)

2nd Valerie Hayes & Zafar

3rd Kirsty Davies & Easter Sparrow

4th Nicole Pasotti & Azzura Beau

5th Claire Dawson & Sunnybrowe Prince

6th Megan Bevan & Rickamore Aurora

Introductory Open

1st Shelley & Blueberry Bryn (overall placing 2nd)

2nd Rhian Wilkins & Capard Blackie (overall placing 3rd)

3rd Catherine Sheppard & Kiss Me Twice

4th Rhian Wilkins & Beachmount Nally

5th Katie Foulser & Yellow Cob Tessy

6th Sam Lewis & Benjamin Button

Introductory Juniors

1st Ellise & Bailey

2nd Tigii & Sampson

3rd Lucy & Trigger

4th Orla & Roheryn Racey Lacey

Preliminary Restricted

1st Amy Eastwood & Showmaker's Sapphire (overall placing 2nd)

2nd Laura Kerr & Jack

3rd Diana & Dianagate Rose of Shuttleworth

4th Wendy Brown & Flynn

5th Lisa Lawrence & Dublin II

6th Phillipa Le Hen & Ernest

Preliminary Open

1st Karen Barette & Townend Stevie (overal placing 1st)

2nd Rhian Wilkins & Capard Blackie (overall placing 3rd)

3rd Caroline Anne Ratcliffe & Freya

4th Tammy Greaves & Mr Jamie Fish

=5th Sharon Cooknell & Pencos Silver Cloud

=5th Rhian Wilkins & Beachmount Nally

Preliminary Juniors

1st Emily & Stan Three

2nd Amy & Princess

3rd Jemima & Tia Na Nog

4th Bryony & Flicka

Novice Restricted

1st Michelle Collard & Coy Boy (overall placing 2nd)

2nd Sara Fogg & Overafrica

3rd Marie Barlow & PA Boaz

4th Vicky Boyden & Disney

5th Ceri Phipps-Hewlett & Hurstpark Tikkaboo

6th Ashleigh Dowell & Cameron

Novice Open

1st Tanya Campbell & Ark Callisto (overall placing 1st)

2nd Ruth Sutherland & Mastermind IV (overall placing 3rd)

3rd Ruth Sutherland & Sterling Four

4th Stacey Barr & Danish Blues


1st Susan Grimes & For Vehlage

2nd Christine Michell & Corvette

3rd Helen Grant & Across The Road

4th Sofia Stephenson-Bell & Donnerello

5th Sharon Cooknell & Eppic

6th Sara Fogg & Overafrica


1st Sam York & Oakring Santino

2nd Helen Grant & Across The Road

3rd Caroline Tripp & Hilandero De Valle

4th Kirsty Jenkins & Anyone Can Whistle

Advanced Medium

1st Alisa Hunter Gordon & Eurythmics