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Podcast: Build Your Presence on Social Media Without it Taking Over Your Life

  • Posted: 25 October 2021

Rhea Freeman standing between her two coloured horsesI was absolutely made up when my good friend, Rhea Freeman, said she'd come on the podcast!

Rhea Freeman PR is an all-round whiz on everything PR, marketing and social media related, working with riders and equestrian and country brands helping them to tell the world about what they do. And I thought, who better to talk about building your presence on social media, without it taking over your life?

In this episode we explore why it's a good idea to build your social media presence, the top three things you should do, how to make it more fun and how to avoid burnout.

You don't have to be an influencer with a gazilion followers to listen to this, it's great for any brand or rider building their own personal brand online and I'm eternally grateful for these super tips from Rhea.  

Rhea has a range of resources that we touch on, designed to help you:

Rider Course:
Small & Supercharged Facebook Group
Rhea on Facebook
Rhea on Instagram
The Small & Supercharged Podcast

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