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New Leagues Please!

  • Posted: 17 June 2022

photo of a grey horse looking at the camera and photo of bay horse riding away from the cameraYou asked and we listened! Brand new for 2022 are the Veteran Horse AND Freestyle to Music leagues!

The new leagues open with the June competition, so you'll start to see points added to the new League Scoreboards when your tests have been judged and the results finalised. The leagues will run from June 2022 to December 2022.

Both of these monthly competitions are also qualifiers for the Veteran Horse Championships and Freestyle to Music Championships, so there are extra opportunities to win rosettes and prizes!

Points will be awarded according to the percentage score achieved and will be accumulated every month:

60.00-61.99% = 1 point
62-00-63.99% = 2 points
64.00-65.99% = 3 points
66.00-67.99% = 4 points
68.00-69.99% = 5 points
70.00-71.99% = 6 points
72.00-73.99% = 7 points
74.00-75.99% = 8 points
76.00-77.99% = 9 points
78.00-79.99% = 10 points
80.00% and above = 11 points

See the Veteran Horse League Scoreboard here

See the Freestyle to Music League Scoreboard here

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