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2022 Leagues: Who's in the Lead?

  • Posted: 12 September 2022

Girl and horse riding away from the camera towards sunsetHow are you getting on in the 2022 Dressage Anywhere Online Dressage Leagues? Team Challenge, Rider League, Veteran Horse or Freestyle to Music - find out more below!

Team Challenge 

The Team Challenge runs until 31 December 2022 and new teams can join at any time. The scoring is based on the team's top monthly score calculated from the top three entries. Find out more about how the scoring works here

Top Five Teams

1st Broad Town School 24 points 

2nd Tammy Greaves Training (Burley-Villa) 23 points

3rd Macron's (Mature) Minxes 20 points

4th Silvanus Stressagers 16 points

5th Damsels in Disdressage 15 points

The winning team wins Team Challenge Champions rosettes, a wooden block award and £100 to spend at Team Equestrian. See the current Team Placings here.

Rider League

Rider League points are based on a horse and rider combination's place and the number of entries in that class.  Points are accumulated every month up to 31 December 2022 and there's more detail about how the scoring works here. Split into two leagues, each 1st-10th place rider wins a League rosette and each 1st place rider wins a goodie bag. 

Top 10 Riders Intro-Novice

1st Joanne Moses & Greenburn Sunrise 🇬🇧 86 points

2nd Deborah Jodrell & Sword of the Lord 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 62 points

3rd Melody Copley Knox & Monty 🇰🇾 47 points

4th Kate Coyle Armley & Nero 🇬🇧 41 points

5th Jemma Quinlan & Lily 🇰🇾 29 points

6th Joanne Moses & Greenburn Horizon 🇬🇧 27 points

7th Lorraine Williams & Rembrandts Kirby 🇬🇧 26 points

8th Hayley Parker & Tourmankin Tamdu 🇬🇧 23 points

9th Jemma Quinlan & Joe đŸ‡°đŸ‡ž 22 points

9th Melody Copley Knox & It’s a Secret 🇰🇾 22 points

9th Marie Rippingale & Farleaze Lord Flasheart 🇬🇧 22 points

Top 10 Riders Elementary and Above

1st Tanya Campbell & Ark Callisto 🇬🇧 30 points

2nd Tanya Campbell & Regal Whirlwind 🇬🇧 27 points

3rd Rhiannon Williams & Daisy May 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 18 points

4th Micky Nijboer & Hipolito 🇳🇱 16 points

5th Tracey Rose & Dusty 🇬🇧 15 points

6th Rhiannon Dwane & Renlyn Tk 🇦🇺 13 points

6th Ellie Windell & Enjoy 🇬🇧 13 points

6th Gail Kenward & Saltalindes 🇬🇧 13 points

9th Abi Harris & Jamaican Skies 🇬🇧 12 points

10th Darren Atkins & Biento 🇬🇧 10 points

See all placings on the Rider League scoreboard here or click the Trophy icon top left (logged in) to view your current placing in the league.

Veteran Horse League

New for 2022 is our Veteran Horse League! See the current standings on the leaderboard here.

Top 10 Riders

1st Judi D Pedro 35

2nd Lucy Oetegenn & Cappuccino II 32 points

3rd Sandra Smith & Nyah 25 points

4th Jennie Croft & Alfa Romeo 22 points

5th Claire Dawson & Sunnybrowe Prince 17 points

6th Helen Jackson-Garside & Whisky Mac V 16 points

6th SARA FOGG & Overafrica 16 points

8th Lynda Parkin-Jones & Silver Pimpernel 15 points

9th Gemma Hughes & Opposition Real Deal 13 points

9th Kelly Gamble & Poppets Lucky Dip 13 points

Freestyle to Music League

We've also introduced a Freestyle to Music League for 2022. See the current placings here

Top 10 Riders

1st Dot Tindal & Redwood Ronaldo 14 points

1st Amy McGarvey & Chamonix Rough Diamond 14 points

1st HELEN GALE & COMODUS 14 points

4th Pauline Malins & Ardlea Sweet Beauty 10 points

5th Claire Dawson & Sunnybrowe Prince 8 points

6th Pam Walker & Pavan 7 points

6th Kirsty Cyprus & Charlie 7 points

6th Camilla James & Princess Tiana 7 points

9th Rose Dewar & Tynycoed Mountain Music 6 points

10th Emma Lambley & Stanbeck Millenium Showtime 5 points

Good luck everyone!