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RDA Dressage Anywhere Championship Qualifiers - final results

  • Posted: 2 April 2013

The RDA Dressage Anywhere Championships Qualifiers have now closed. Competitors around the country took part in the qualifiers from August 2012 to March 2013. The best scores count towards the Championship Show.

The top riders in each group scoring 60% or more have qualified to enter the Championship Show which will run during April and May 2013. Riders must be part of an official RDA group, so if your group name isn't displayed below e-mail us to let us know.

Qualified riders or their group representative will receive an e-mail this week inviting them to take part in the Championship Show. If you're unable to take part, let us know by 15 April so we can provide a wild card to someone else in the class.

Test 2 led
Rank Qualifier Rider Horse Group Score
1 March Kiara Green Rhia Barrow Farm RDA 66.11%
2 March Emma Suttle Rocket Barrow Farm RDA 62.78%
3 March Eleanor Willcox Bow Mount Pleasant RDA 60.56%


Test 2 unled
Rank Qualifier Rider Horse Group Score
1 February Tracy Yarnell Sox Kesteven Rideability 73.33%
2 February Maria Le Roi Spider Kesteven Rideability 72.22%
3 February Sarah White Emily Kesteven Rideability 69.44%
4 November Patricia Mallett Sully Buckenham House Group RDA 66.67%
5 March Claire Chamberlain Domino Wellington and Dummer RDA 65.00%
6 February Grace Wiley Lula Barrow Farm RDA 63.33%
7 November Peggy Holden Penny Buckenham House Group RDA 61.11%


Test 4 led
Rank Qualifier Rider Horse Group Score
1 February Sean Jeffrey Teddy Mid Cheshire RDA 67.22%
Retired October Sean Jeffrey Mac Two Mid Cheshire RDA 66.67%
2 February Patricia Mallett Sulley Buckenham House Group RDA 66.11%
4 October Caradoc Lindley Sully Buckenham House Group RDA 65.00%
=5 February Natasha Burrows Willow Buckenham House Group RDA 63.33%
=5 September Ashley O Malley Princess Jasmine
=7 October Peter Gorman Ace Buckenham House Group RDA 61.67%
=7 October Tia Lucas Fern Tradissar RDA Hampshire 61.67%
=7 November Ben Ethridge Penny Buckenham House Group RDA 61.67%
10 October Peggy Holden Penny Buckenham House Group RDA 60.56%


Test 4 unled
Rank Qualifier Rider Horse Group Score
1 February Isabel Slack Fergal Mid Chesire RDA 75.00%
Retired September Jeanette Dixon Nashend Linkwood Mid Cheshire RDA 73.89%
=2 October Diane Pettet Lucky Tradissar RDA Hampshire 72.22%
=2 October Jennifer Yates Princess Jasmine   72.22%
4 March Kelly Jarrett Teresa Wellington and Dummer RDA 71.67%
5 October Isabel Slack Teddy Mid Cheshire RDA 71.11%
=6 February Sarah Sherwood Nashend Linkwood Mid Cheshire RDA 70.56%
=6 March Joanne Restarick Alfie Tradissar RDA Hampshire 70.56%
8 February Lucy Hogan Macie Barrow Farm RDA 70.00%
=9 October Frank Coghlan Quinn Mid Cheshire RDA 68.89%
=9 October Lucy Kelly ZigZag Buckenham House Group RDA 68.89%
=11 October Vanessa Palmer Lucky Tradissar RDA Hampshire 66.67%
=11 February Elaine Hughes Badger Mid Cheshire RDA 66.67%
=11 March Emily Johnson Emily  Kesteven Ridability  66.67% 
=14 September Martin Little Moses Gate Quennie   65.56%
=14 October Annie Wordley Quinn Mid Cheshire RDA 65.56%
=14 March Judith Taylor Stan Gaddesden Place RDA Centre 65.56%
=14 March William Swire Macie Barrow Farm RDA 65.56%
18 March Deborah Miller Memphis Tennessee   65.00%
19 October Pauline Pearce Queenie   64.44%
20 March Vanessa Palmer Kiwi Tradissar RDA Hampshire 63.33%
21 November Lucy Kelly Joker Buckenham House Group RDA 62.78%
22 March Molly Little Rhia Barrow Farm RDA 62.22%
23 October Pauline Thomas Snugs   61.67%


Grade III
Rank Qualifier Rider Horse Group Score
1 March Dianne Pettet Lucky Tradissar Rda Hampshire 70.00%
2 October Mary Leigh Callan Mid Cheshire RDA 62.27%
3 March Pauline Pearce Queenie 60.91%