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Freestyle to music comes to Dressage Anywhere

  • Posted: 27 March 2013

LogoJust Dance Dressage Equetech Challenge
Hosted by Dressage Anywhere 

If you were inspired by Charlotte and Valegro during London 2012 you might like to try our own dressage to music class from 1 May 2013, the Just Dance Dressage Equetech Challenge. 

Dressage Anywhere has teamed up with Equetech, the equestrian clothing and equipment brand, to bring you The Just Dance Dressage Equetech Challenge. The challenge opens on 1 May and runs until 31 August and allows riders to compete in a new dressage to music class at Preliminary, Novice or Elementary level.

Rosettes will be awarded to those riders who are placed each month and The Just Dance Dressage Equetech Challenge will present fantastic prizes to those obtaining the highest percentages overall: £200 Equetech voucher for 1st place, £75 for 2nd place and £50 for 3rd place with championship rosettes to 10th place.

The Challenge is in aid of the Air Ambulance, a charity which should be close to the hearts of every rider. The charity does fantastic work, providing rapid response and rescuing injured riders from inaccessible places. Dressage Anywhere will donate £4.00 from every entry in the Challenge to The Air Ambulance.

In 2012 Equetech Director Elizabeth Hayman was riding her young horse who napped and reared. Liz 's quick reactions meant she leant forward but it was not enough to stop the horse falling backwards. The quick thinking of the people at the stables meant Liz was encouraged to lie still and not try to move and the rapid response from the Air Ambulance team meant that Liz was very quickly taken to hospital so she could be assessed and treated. It was not good news as Liz had broken her back as well as her ribs and had received neck injuries too. The long road to recovery began almost instantly; with timely assistance from the air ambulance Liz was in good hands and received the care she needed without delay. Several anxious months later Liz is back at work and looking forward to an active life and for this reason the team at Equetech wish to fundraise for the Air Ambulance. Please do support this wonderful charity, which saves and supports so many lives and people in their time of need.

There’s plenty of time to enter and even if you haven’t got a dressage to music test already worked out you can use our week by week plan to create one in good time for the Challenge.


  1. The challenge runs from 1 May 2013 to 31 August 2013.
  2. Entries will be in one class with Preliminary, Novice and Elementary levels combined.
  3. The class is open to any rider, affiliated British Dressage members are asked to enter only at the level at which they are permitted to compete at live competitions.
  4. Prizes will be awarded to those obtaining the highest percentage overall across all the levels.
  5. Entry fee £18.00 of which £4 will be donated to the Air Ambulance.
  6. When filming your test please ensure that the music is close to the camera so that it is clearly audible. Music may not be added afterwards.
  7. British Dressage and Dressage Anywhere rules apply.